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Why Cotton Tshirts made of "Rare 1% Fabric" will takeover the trend of 2023.

The world of fashion is constantly changing, from the clothes that are being worn to the materials that are being used. In the world of fashion, new trends are constantly emerging and some trends die out. These Premium Cotton Tshirts, made by Rare 1% Fabric by Rohan Casuals aka RCS, are a fun and trendy piece that can be worn on daily basis or occasionally.


These tshirts features a universal body fit that can be worn by anyone regardless of any sizing issues.


Buyers also gets an offers of Upto 40% and Flat Rs. 50 for first time users with free shipping. The tshirts are only available on Nineteen Made. You can buy these tshirts at Online Tshirt Shopping by Nineteen Made.

Why Rare 1% Fabric?

This is a pure cotton soft, breathable, anti bacterial fabric that is very rare and is perfect for every wear. Team of Nineteen Made did a research on market to find such rare fabric that's nearly impossible in find. According to a survey the team of Nineteen Made discussed with 100s of fabric suppliers and found out that 99% suppliers don't know the exact composition or nature of the fabric, except of guess work of GSM, origin, price and availability in market.